Together we will develop new projects and grow the diversity of marine research and technology development initiatives. The projects below highlight the alliance’s initial scientific endeavours and we encourage dialogue with organisations, businesses and individuals to bring forward new ideas that will make a real impact on our oceans for a sustainable future.

There are four initial projects.


What is BORAbox®?

‘BORAbox®’ is a suite of sensors that is fitted to Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) or other offshore infrastructure to help measure the health of the ocean by measuring Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs).

Sensors to Make Sense of the Sea

By adding innovative sensors to ROVs, vessels and infrastructure, we can collect data in otherwise inaccessible areas and enhance the global reach of ocean observations. With a focus on EOVs, these measurements will have a high impact on a global scale. To begin with BORAbox® will monitor temperature, salinity, depth and the carbonate system, all of which are vital in helping monitor the wellbeing of our oceans.

The data will be analysed by scientists and used to support wider observing initiatives, helping shape major global ocean health assessments. The data also supports evidence-based policymaking at a local, national, and international level.


A sensor box is integrated onto an ROV, Tether Management System or other subsea infrastructure. The particular EOVs measured and the technical requirements may vary depending on mission profile or geography and sensor-based human interaction is minimal. Data is collected and sent to the vessel or platform for regular processing providing a constant stream of data for the team at NOC to analyse and make available to the global science community.

National Oceanography Centre sensors to collect data from the oceans
National Oceanography Centre sensor to collect data from the oceans
ROV launch offshore with sunset in the background


What is SERPENT?

BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® will work with NOC on SERPENT.

The Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing industrial Technology (SERPENT) project was initially launched in 2002 by the National Oceanography Centre and its founding partners. It involves using ROV technology to look out for sea creatures that inhabit the ocean depths.

The photography and video collected is shared with science and conservation groups globally to communicate the project to the public, increasing the awareness of our fragile marine resources.

What will BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® do to support SERPENT?

BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® will reignite engagement with industry and provide access to new projects operating all around the world.

Sea creature on the seabed
Sea creature on the seabed
Sea crustacean on the seabed

Eyes in the Ocean

What is Eyes in the Ocean?

‘Eyes in the Ocean’ is a review of archived data and video to find information that may be of interest to the National Oceanography Centre and science and conservation groups globally.

Subsea7 has an extensive visual archive of information on our oceans that has not been studied for science but used instead for industrial purposes. The data has been collected during Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) operations or infrastructure and pipeline surveys carried out over many years all around the world. The data can also be used to develop future survey software and identify new areas or locations of interest.

NOC scientists will review ROV video data to explore what we can see in the ocean obtained during Subsea7 operations.

Brisingid sea star
Crew at controls on vessel bridge
Two fish swimming over subsea structure

Parallel Ocean Research Projects (PORP)

Subsea7 projects take us to areas of the worlds oceans rarely visited by scientists. The intention is to seek to carry out specific research projects as part of the offshore campaigns at these locations around the globe. Each project will be tailored to address particular science objectives appropriate to that location.

Ocean charts
SERPENT Chrimera monstrosa under ROV
Whale in the ocean