We’re in a pivotal decade for our global oceans. The recently launched UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) has been established to support efforts to gather ocean stakeholders worldwide behind a common framework that will ensure ocean science can fully support countries in creating improved conditions for the sustainability of the oceans.

BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® will deliver new marine research and accelerate technology developments on a global scale from shallow to deep water by building on the blend of Subsea7’s global deep-water reach and the breadth of science of the National Oceanography Centre. BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® founding organisations are:

National Oceanography Centre

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is the UK’s leading oceanographic institution and is one of the top organisations globally of its type. Becoming an independent, self-governing charity in November 2019, NOC is built on a foundation of 60 years of delivering world-class multi-disciplinary research, at scale from coast to deep ocean. NOC is recognised as a world leader in scientific excellence, and our vision is for NOC to be seen as the world’s most innovative oceanographic institution by 2025.

NOC Innovations Ltd is the trading subsidiary of the National Oceanography Centre — providing marine science and technology, data information products and facilities. We collaborate and provide consultation, survey and research services to a global client base. NOC is home to world-leading expertise that delivers understanding of the ocean environment. We provide science that feeds into advice for policymakers, regulators, governments and industry around the effects and influence of the ocean on global climate, subsea ecosystems, habitats, geosciences, knowledge about the water column, tides, currents and storm surges.

Vessel docked
National Oceanography Centre facility in Southampton, UK
Man conducting analysis at National Oceanography Centre
Vessel at sea

NOC is also home of the UK’s National Marine Facilities, providing the technologies that enable oceanographic exploration, including two of the most advanced research vessels in the world, the RRS JAMES COOK and the RRS DISCOVERY, the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP) and the largest fleet of Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) in Europe.

Our technology capabilities are delivered through a combination of commercial off-the-shelf products and our own in-house innovations, delivered through two dedicated technology development teams, the Ocean Technology and Engineering Group, focused on developing measurement instruments, sensors and analysers and the Marine Autonomous Systems Development Group who are developing platforms and the associated command and control systems and software.


Subsea7 is a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the evolving energy industry. We create sustainable value by being the industry’s partner and employer of choice in delivering the efficient offshore solutions the world needs.

Working in all water depths across all energy hubs, our engineering expertise, alliances and specialist technologies enable us to engage early so that our multi-disciplinary teams can design and deliver the solutions that our clients want.

We have a strong track record of safe and reliable delivery, successfully completing over 1000+ projects. Our reputation as a collaborative service provider in long-lasting client relationships makes us one of the most trusted contractors in our market which includes oil and gas and renewable energy.

Along with our autonomous subsidiaries, 4Subsea, and Xodus, plus Seaway7, a global leader in the delivery of bottom-fixed offshore wind farm solutions, we support the delivery of sustainable energy development.

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The Subsea7 fleet is one of the most capable and diverse vessel fleets in its market segment. Modern and versatile, our fleet includes 30+ chartered and high-specification owned vessels operating globally.

BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® supports Subsea7’s Sustainability Value. Building on the mix of Subsea7’s global deep-water reach and the breadth of science of National Oceanography Centre, BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® will deliver new marine research on a global scale from shallow to deep water, expanding knowledge for the benefit of society.

Seven Oceans pipelay vessel during offshore operations
ROV underwater
Diver underwater
Seven Viking vessel at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, UK